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What does Travel To Marketing do?

We increase international sales for our clients.

How do you increase international sales?

We increase sales by developing, implementing and managing international sales, marketing and e-commerce strategies.

Why are clients contracting with you? Can't they do it themselves?

There are several reasons why. Some of our clients prefer to concentrate on their core business, while others feel that they do not have the international knowledge or expertise. Other clients simply do not have the financial resources to open offices overseas and yet they do want a sales and marketing effort in overseas markets.

What is unique about Travel To Marketing?

We market our client travel companies in new and innovative ways. We are modeling international representation after our client’s need to connect directly with consumers, tour operators and travel agents around the world.

Is it difficult or time consuming to work with Travel To Marketing?

No, it is just the opposite. Consider this: One contract, One contact and One invoice. You can consider Travel To Marketing as an extension of your existing sales and marketing team. While we need some support, especially in the beginning months, we generally can easily fit within the existing management structure.

How is Travel To Marketing compensated?

Each Agreement is unique but, in general, the compensation includes an initial retainer as well as commission. The commission is based on the revenue which we generate for our clients. We share in the risk and we share in the success.

How long does it take to get started with Travel To Marketing?

Our implementation is usually less than thirty days.

Who are your typical clients?

Our typical clients are Inbound Receptive/Tour Operators and Hotels.

How do I get started?

Just complete the information on our Contact Form and we’ll be in touch.

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Travel To marketing is an Associate Member of the United States Tour Operators Association. However, Travel To marketing is NOT a participant in the USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program and is not held by USTOA to certain other standards required of Active Members.