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Contact Details

RISTORANTE SABATINI, Via Panzani, 9/A Florence, Italy

Tel: +39 055 282802
Fax: +39 055 210293




There are few renowned restaurants in Italy with 80 years of experience, where you are welcomed in a variety of languages: including Japanese. After all, in Florence the name Sabatini is synonymous with fine dining, where tradition and quality go hand in hand. This is one of Florence’s best-loved restaurants. Eating here can be considered a ritual that has maintained an informal yet elegant atmosphere throughout the years. There is a wide array of international dishes from which to choose as well as many Tuscan specialties such as the famous “fiorentina” steak which is cooked to order on a charcoal grill.

There are hundreds of select wines from which to choose on the wine list. Nothing is impromptu, nor is it meant to amaze you, offering only sound and wholesome tradition of the highest standard.

insideComparable only to an epicurean coterie that has played host to Florence’s most reputable families, as well as very demanding foreign patrons who are acquainted with the name Sabatini long before coming to Italy. It is a place that every major city would like to have that Florence calls it’s own.

Ristorante Sabatini welcomes the individual diner as well as group dining.




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