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Contact Details

Contact Details

P.O.Box: 13-5271 Beirut-Lebanon

Tel: +961 1 383014-15
Fax: +961 1 382235
Mobile: +961 71666550





Prestige Management Company SARL is a Lebanese company specializing in the hospitality field. It was established in the year 2007 to set leading professional standards through its accelerated growth and associate development.
They offer a comprehensive range of services and tools tailor-made to each project to ensure maximum return on investment to the project owners and investors.

Prestige Management Company SARL’s mission is to achieve a secure, continuous and independent growth on a professional standard basis which ensures long-term business success for all of our undertaken projects.

The growth plan is to adapt a steady development pace while maintaining high standards of quality for our existing projects. Prestige Management Company SARL is developing innovative services to enhance and improve the quality of customer satisfaction and thereby they are continually improving the position of their company, as well as enhancing the lives of their employees and their community.

They manage projects with an inspired vision to create the highest quality experience available for clients and guests while exceeding expectations. The result is a property which experiences valuable returns – the return of guests and, ultimately, the return on investment.

What they do:

  • Hotels & Restaurants Preopening and Assistance. their expertise alone can save a client tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding common mistakes often made in the development of new businesses
  • Hotels & Restaurants Management: They can successfully manage and operate hospitality projects, maximizing the total return to the investors and owners through sustained profitability and increase the client’s satisfaction by deep study of their needs and communicating the exact steps to all administrative departments to ensure accountability.
  • Professional Cleaning and Housekeeping Services: they provide a wide range of professional cleaning and housekeeping services to the hospitality industry, universities, schools and hospitals in addition to private / public and official institutions
  • Catering and Event Management: Prestige Catering is part of Prestige Management Company; It provides high-end catering and Event Management.
  • Consulting Services, Feasibility & Development services. With the many variables and details needed to make your business move forward correctly every day, it is critical to have another set of expert eyes reviewing and guiding your operational & sales efforts. Whether it’s for one hour per day, week or month, they can help your Hotel or Restaurant maximize its optimal revenue potential
  • Staff Training. The importance of employee training and development in hospitality can’t be overstated because every job ultimately aims for guest satisfaction. Workers in every facet of hospitality, from dishwashers to managers and owners, affect the guest experience. Without proper training, employee-guest encounters can go off track, affecting your bottom line.

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