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Ambassador City Hotel Building, Second Floor, Manger Street, Bethlehem

Tel: +972 2 277 7997
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Bethlehem Church TourLaila Tours & Travel of Bethlehem has been providing quality tours and pilgrimages to the Holy Land since 2006. They also provide outbound ticketing services for residents and visitors to the Holy Land.

Laila Tours is owned and operated by Laila Jackaman Asfoura, a lifelong member of Bethlehem’s Palestinian Christian community, and is staffed by a team of local residents who are professionals in the field of tourism. Since 2006, Laila Tours & Travel has led and organized fulfilling, personalized and top-quality pilgrimages and visits to the Holy Land for thousands of people from across the world.

Bethlehem ChurchTheir programs have ranged from small groups and individuals needing personalized tours to large-scale pilgrimages of diocesan and religious orders that can exceed over 100 participants. As a company, they have made the decision to provide quality personalized tour programs over standardized package tours for large-volume companies.

They find the experience of working with each of their customers and partners in a unique way more rewarding, exciting and beneficial. Each tour is designed to fit the needs and interests of their clients, and then providing them with the best possible program and services possible.

Programs include:

  • Cultural – Explore the Holy Land and learn about its people, food and heritage
  • Religious – Learn about the three main religions of the Holy Land (Christianity, Islam and Judaism)
  • Fine Arts – Discover all the art and artifacts that the Holy Land offers through its museums and archeological sites.
  • Fun and adventure – Tap into your adventurous side: whether it be hiking, swimming, or exploring what the Holy Land offers.
  • Custom Made –Any program can be customized to your specific request/interests.

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