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Savska cesta 32, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Tel: +844.660.1818





Gelber’s Way is a family run company, a subsidiary of IWorld of Travel which was born more than half a century ago when founder Ady Gelber pioneered tourism to Israel and the Middle East at a time when such travel was groundbreaking. Gelber’s Way is the brainchild of Ady’s son Michael who included his sister’s married name “Way” as a coincidentally fitting double meaning. At launch in June 2021, Gelber’s Way opened its first office in Croatia, and in Israel in July 2021, with subsequent offices opening in Peru, Turkey, and South Africa in 2022.

Gelber’s Way follows in the footsteps of IWorld of Travel, staying true to Ady Gelber’s innovative spirit in creating and controlling the entire travel experience from wheels up to wheels down (inbound and outbound), made possible through long-lasting, trusting partnerships and insider access around the world. These relationships have stood the test of time and have enabled the company to curate extraordinary, life-changing journeys nearly everywhere on earth. This highly successful business model, the foundation on which Gelber’s Way rests, has transformed IWorld of Travel into a global operation customizing thousands of unique journeys each year. Another sign of success is the auspicious Gelber’s Way phone number: 844.660.1818. In Hebrew, 18 means chai, or life. A life of travel is a life well-lived!

Michael Gelber
Michael is CEO and Chairman of the Board of IWorld of Travel, the parent company of Gelber’sWay. He was born into the business led by his late father who mentored him early in sales and marketing, essential skills for success. Michael’s extensive professional experience spans many industries, but he has found his calling in travel. Under his leadership, Gelber’s Way has grown to include five offices on five continents and is positioned to prosper in these destinations and beyond.

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