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Contact Details

Contact Details

AMERICAN GUEST, 330 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10001

Tel: +212-302-4019




American Guest USA, with headquarters in the heart of New York City, has limitless opportunities and advantages. The location is prime as hotels, venues, and activities from all around the nation visit and bring their programs and offers to them. To be in the city is to be exposed to the latest, most up-to-date and the very best that the industry has to offer; which they then present to their clients. At the New York office, every few days they greet the best of the hospitality industry. This allows them a privileged and direct relationship with the services and suppliers which they then shape into their unique and special offers for their clients. With their west coast and southern offices, American Guest is at the heart of the markets.

blue-helicoptersTheir staff is a true representation of the United States: a convivial, family orientated team composed of a worldwide staff member’s including: Latin America (Brazil and Colombia), Europe (Greece, Albania, Israel and France) and, of course, their US born members. This mixture enriches their team and their work: their nationalities and knowledge of foreign markets, the languages they speak are very helpful in understanding the client, their needs and expectations. Each staff member has a skills set that is important to the success of the team, along with a strong work ethic. The results are illustrated in clients receiving the best program.

sf-golden-gateThis very experienced group produces excellent programs for incentive, corporate, meetings and leisure travel. The results are evident in the high quality plans and proposals which are sent to clients. Proposals are always complete, exciting, targeted and on budget.  Their everyday tasks, from analyzing the request, negotiating the best rates, to putting together a unique and personalized program is mastered thanks to a team which works together and pays attention to the details. They are quick to respond, extremely knowledgeable in the markets and always focus on the success of the program for their clients.



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